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MERIT SELECT specializes in the selection of Financial and Consulting profiles. A specialization that is based on the professional experience and educational background of its consultants.  We are constantly in contact with people who have opted for a Masters degree in Applied Economics, Economics, Commercial Engineer or who have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Business Management.  Professionals who want to get ahead and who either display an interest in expanding their experience in a specific niche or who want to discover new aspects of finance and controlling. 

Our clients are international companies which call on us to recruit good people with whom they can further support the growth of their company.  

A large part of our clients are active in the banking and insurances industry. Next to these we also serve those companies that act as a service provider towards these sectors. The latter typically encompass the larger consulting firms. 

Another 20 % of our clients are companies whose core business is not in the financial sector. They are active in various sectors like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive, transport, telecom and  hi- tech, etc. They will contact us for the recruitment of  employees for their internal finance and control or accounting functions.

About another 20 % will deliver services towards such companies, the major audit and accountancy firms are part of them.

Finally Merit Select is also asked to fill positions that do not belong to the departments or services described above, but for which our clients esteem that some analytical financial experience or knowledge is crucial in order to be successful in the role.  This could be either in logistics, sales or any area.

In all of these cases we are called upon for our ability to deliver good quality people that have the right skills and knowledge about the financial processes and organizations.

Service & Professionalism

Merit Select

MERIT SELECT, not just an intermediary, but a partner who assists you with taking the next career step:

Advice and assistance - There is a great demand for financial people, so it is important to have a clear picture of the job you are looking for beforehand. As is described above our broad view and expertise with the possibilities for financial professionals guarantees you a well balanced and thorough advice.

Information and communication - Good information in advance allows you to go into an interview selectively and well-prepared, efficient communication ensures you to receive quickly targeted feedback and be informed about the progress of the selection procedure.

Continuous monitoring - We stay in contact even after the selection procedure. After all, and as already proven in the past: the candidate of today is often our client of tomorrow.